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Active Electrical Suppliers are excited to bring you a range of products from one of the leading global networking hardware brands. With an emphasis on continual improvement, the TRENDnet brand is consistently recognised for exceptional quality, superior performance, and responsive support. Check out the range below!

Wireless Access Point

Wireless access points allow your wireless devices to easily connect to a wired computer network. TRENDnet has both indoor and outdoor access points, as well as indoor AP hardware controllers. Our PoE access points provide installation flexibility and helps to reduce equipment cost. To fit different installation scenarios, our APs can be mounted to your ceiling, wall, or pole, plus wall plug or desktop.

Indoor access points expand the wireless coverage in your home or office. Combine TRENDnet's access points with one of our indoor access point hardware controllers to utilize seamless WiFi roaming. The AP hardware controllers also allow you to manage up to 128 TRENDnet APs all from a single, centralized interface.

Outdoor wireless access points allow you to create a wireless bridge for building-to-building communication, or to create an outdoor wireless hotspot for guests and/or customers. TRENDnet offers both omni-directional and directional outdoor access point solutions.


Power over Ethernet (or PoE) is a cost-effective way to provide power and data to a PoE-enabled device using a single cable, without needing to rely on nearby power outlets. TRENDnet offers a wide-range of PoE solutions, such as PoE switches, injectors, extenders, splitters, access points, hardware controllers, IP cameras, and NVRs.

In addition to reduced cost and time, TRENDnet's PoE solutions have several other benefits, including flexibility for remote installations, network scalability, and managed controls.


PoE injectors convert a non-PoE port (on a standard non-PoE switch) into a PoE port. Injectors power PoE devices and offer you an alternative to sourcing a full PoE switch, especially when you only need to power one or two devices, such as an IP camera or access point. TRENDnet offers injectors that support PoE, PoE+, and UPoE.


PoE Switches are network switches that support Power over Ethernet technology. TRENDnet's PoE switches help installers save on both installation time and equipment cost by delivering both data and power over a single set of Ethernet cables. Power over Ethernet switches are also ideal for installations in remote locations without an available power source.

Offering a wide variety of PoE network switches, including those that support PoE, PoE+, UPoE, and 4PPoE/PoE++, TRENDnet PoE switches are also available with varying port counts, managed and unmanaged models, and more. TRENDnet's specialty PoE switches also include long range PoE+ switches, full power PoE+ switches, and a PoE+ powered switch.

Gigabit Switches

To help boost network efficiency and eliminate network congestion, TRENDnet's unmanaged switches are designed to simply increase port density. Installation is plug and play with no special requirements or configuration needed, making installation very easy.

TRENDnet's unmanaged switches are available in a variety of port counts, with or without SFP slots, 10/100 and/or Gigabit speeds, and non-PoE, PoE, PoE+, and UPoE. Our switches are available as desktop, rackmount, wall mount, and DIN-Rail, in either plastic or metal housing. Special unmanaged switch features can include long range PoE+ and variable voltage support.


TRENDnet fiber solutions are ideally suited for long distance networking applications, up to 62.1 miles or 100km. Fiber networking is also utilized because it is less susceptible to electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference; it provides better latency. TRENDnet's Fiber family includes fiber chassis, media converters, SFPs and SFP+ modules, and adapters, as well as industrial fiber solutions.


TRENDnet's fiber SFP and SFP+ solutions provide long distance fiber networking, up to 49.7 miles (80km). SFPs (small form-factor pluggable transceiver), or mini-GBICs, add fiber connectivity to network switches with SFP slots. Fiber SFPs support gigabit, and Fiber SFP+ modules support 10 gigabit speeds.

TRENDnet's SFP transceivers feature metal enclosures with a low Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) design. They are available in multi-mode and single mode, with LC or RJ-45 connectors. Select TRENDnet fiber SFP models support for Digital Diagnostics Monitoring (DDM) or Dual-Wavelength (WDM). Easily add long-distance fiber support to your SFP-support network switch with TRENDnet's durable fiber SFP modules.

Standard Fiber connectors

For long distance network applications, use TRENDnet's dependable line of fiber media converters. TRENDnet media converters are capable of supporting long distance fiber networking applications up to 62.1 miles (100km). Long distance fiber networking solutions allow businesses to provide network access to branch offices and other off-site locations. TRENDnet's fiber converters are also often utilized for remote surveillance solutions.

Fiber solutions are immune to EMI and have better data protection. This makes TRENDnet fiber media converters well suited for interbuilding and intrabuilding backbones for longer distance networking applications. TRENDnet fiber converters are available in both multi-mode (SX) and single-mode (LX), with dual wavelength (WDM) or bidirectional fiber options. These fiber media converters are offered in multiple connector types, including MT-RJ, SC, and ST.

IP Cameras

TRENDnet's PoE Surveillance Cameras are surveillance solutions that save on hardware costs and installation time by delivering both power and data over a single Ethernet cable. TRENDnet offers a wide range of both indoor and outdoor PoE camera types including bullet, dome, PTZ, and speed dome. Features vary and can include 4K resolution, night vision, optical zoom, tamper resistance, varifocal lens, enhanced IR, covert IR LEDs, WDR, microSD card slot, and other advanced surveillance camera features.

TRENDnet's PoE surveillance cameras include complimentary professional-grade camera management software, as well as free mobile apps to simplify viewing live surveillance video remotely.


TRENDnet's PoE Network Video Recorders (NVRs) are standalone NVR solutions with built-in PoE switches, consolidating your surveillance networking needs into a single solution. Power and manage your IP cameras, as well as store surveillance footage and view advanced video playback files all with one device.

TRENDnet NVRs are simple to install, and offer an intuitive user interface to manage live view preferences, advanced video playback options, set recording schedules, and more. TRENDnet NVRs are ONVIF compliant and compatible with most camera models from multiple IP camera manufacturers.