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Recessed Luminaire Installation Requirements In New Zealand

May 2016
Requirements Of AS/NZS3000:2007 Amendment A (Aus & NZ wiring rules)
In 2011 Amendment A was added to AS/NZS3000:2007 (wiring rules)
which states: In New Zealand, recessed luminaires in residential installations shall be of IC-F, IC, CA80 or CA-135 classification as specified in AS/NZS60598.2.2 - amendment A
This requires all new and replacement residential downlight fittings to be classified into one of the four classes of fittings.
Insulation Contact
Closed and Abutted
  • C

    Closed luminaire
  • IC-F

    (F fire resistant) A closed luminaire that allows building insulation to come into contact with its sides and to cover it, plus has resistance to fire and tracking.
  • IC

    A closed luminaire that allows building insulation to come into contact its sides and to cover it.
  • CA

    A closed luminaire that allows building insulation to come into contact its sides.
Each classification determines which type of fitting can be installed in a residential installation subject to the type of ceiling insulation and the proximity of the downlight fitting to both the insulation materials and building elements.
It is up to the electrician to determine the correctly rated fitting for the installation; considering the type of insulation installed and surrounding building materials (elements) as per diagram.

Risk of fire

The supplier of the luminaire will have conducted tests on the luminaire in accordance with this standard and will provide
in the instructions specific measurements for Risk of Fire clearances below: These specified clearances should be strictly adhered to by the installer.
  • SCB
    side clearance to building elements
  • HCB
    height clearance to building elements
  • SCI
    side clearance to building insulation
  • MIC
    minimum ventilation clearance above building insulation
Note: Loose fill insulation is not permitted to abut or cover the luminaire unless specifically allowed by the luminaire manufacturer.
This information is supplied as a guide for Electricians to better understand the requirements of the AS/NZS S60598.2.2 - amendment A and recessed luminaire installations.

It is not a replacement for the Standard or intended in anyway to be an installation guide or reference for any type or make of luminaire.

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