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genCALC | New user interface now live

June 2018
Now available for FREE in the app store! (was $19.99)
GenCALC is a free sizing tool that helps professionals like electricians and designers ensure they select the most appropriate cable to safely carry the required load and comply with the Wiring rules.

The easy to use GenCALC cable sizing software, has now gone mobile! You can use your mobile phone on-site to calculate the cabling you need for a job.

By specifying the load, route length, installation conditions, cable type and allowable volt drop, GenCALC gives a list of cables that comply, sorted by conductor size. 

The great thing about this particular cable sizing app is that no wifi or cellular data is required to calculate, it's all built into the app!

It’s designed for standard AS/NZS3008.1.2:2010, simply download the GenCALC app and you’re ready to go.

Users of genCALC have told us they've found it the easiest to use cable sizing app on the market, give it a go today and see for yourself!