February 2018
  • Ripple LED Hibay

    - Beam angle adjustable between 60 and 100 degrees by rotating the lens

    - 25,000 Lumens 

    - 7 year warranty 

  • LED portable floodlight

    High lumen output, IP54, and new feature of 2 sockets at rear of fitting for other electrical equipment.

    - Output voltage: 27-30V 1.4-1.6A
    - 90pcs Epistar 2835 LED chips
    - IP rated flex & plug attached (L: 3m)
    - 5000lm
    - IP54
    - 30,000hr lifetime
    - 3 year replacement warranty

  • The biggest economy range on the market just got bigger

    Lithium performance at the same price as NiCd and NiMH alongside lower maintenance costs and lower energy costs. This great, easy to install, range includes: exit signs, circlite, lifelite, battens, weatherproof exit signs, weatherproof battens and more. 

    Economy Range
  • LED motion sensor downlights

    Great design. Suitable for hallway, laundry room, living room, and any other indoor locations

    - 10W and 15W
    - 80° detection range
    - up to 5m detection radius
    - 800 to 1250 lumen models available

  • E-Stello high performance solar bollard luminaire

    High performance LED luminaire with efficient solar and lithium battery technology. Ideal for replacement of traditional lighting sources or for new private roadways and pathways.

    Solar lighting also naturally doubles as emergency exterior lighting during power outages and suitable for assembly point illumination.

    $0 trenching
    $0 cabling
    $0 power

    50,000hr life expectancy


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