EV charging installation guidelines

With the growth of electric vehicles more electricians are being asked to install EV charging Stations, especially for home and small business installations.

As AS/NZS3000 was written in 2007 and the 2018 version is still yet to be released, the question often asked by electricians is ”where do we find information on this”?

Admittedly there is not must out yet about this, but Worksafe (energy safety) have produced guidelines.

Electrical Vehicle Charging Safety Guidelines Part 2: Selection and Installation.

This document is available from the Worksafe website (click here to view) or by searching “electric vehicle charging" on their website.
  • There are specific requirements for RCD’s and in particular the need for Type B RCD’s to be used.
  • There are specific requirements that need to be considered in selecting EV chargers to ensure they meet the specifications set out in these guidelines.


When installing an EV charger, you should read and comply with the Installation instructions provided by manufacturer of the EV charger. When completing a CoC for this installation, you should tick the box on the CoC that says “relied on manufactures instructions” and Include a copy of these instructions with the COC.

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