Source of information lost


At the end of November 2017 the Energy Safety website closed and was supposed to reappear on the website as part of the interweaving of these two organisations.
The old Energy Safety website was often a useful place to go for information on electrical safety issues. We fully expected all the old information to be simply moved to the Worksafe site, but this has not happened.
The navigation on the Worksafe site is horrible, to find anything remotely useful including access to the medium risk and high risk article data bases it is best to just use “Search” (Energy Safety) or (Electricity). This at least takes to more useful information and with some navigation you can get to some more useful information.
So as it stands the electrical industry has lost an easy and logical place to find current industry info. Let’s hope the Worksafe site improves with time and they take the time to keep it updated and current.

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