Top 5 Data - December

December 2016
  • 1. Fast, versatile, and easy splicing

    New SUMITOMO Active V-grove fusion splicer

    Sumitomo T-400s

    • Carry out your mission as fast as possible - fast splicing in 7s/heating in 24s
    • The intuitive and simple user interface has been fully redesigned for improved user friendliness and experience.
    • The Super-Wide design provides an extended adjustment range of fiber position in the X and Y axes compared to conventional splicers. Super-Wide makes the T-400S tolerant to imperfectly cleaned fibers, and less sensitive to fibers misplaced by unskilled operators. This helps to save time and effort spent on site and reduces the possibility of redoing the splicing work after a splice box has been closed.
    • For further FTTx flexibility the universal Multi-Clamp and removable fiber holders allow splicing of a variety of fiber coating media. The T-400s handles FTTH drop cables, ruggedised cords, lose buffer and tight buffer secondary coated cables, primary coated fobers, and Spice-On field assembly connectors.

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  • 2. Protect Sensitive Network Equipment


    • Designed to protect sensitive network equipment from harsh environments where equipment may be exposed to dust or water
    • IP45 rated for dust and water
    • Replaceable filters for fans and air vents on the front door
    • Front door has 130 degrees of movement, swinging from left to right
    • Dual fan kit included
    • Rain hood can be opened to access fans and filter
    • Sealed bottom cable entry gland
    • Static Loading: 60kg
    • Adjustable 19” rack mount rails
    • Water and dust proof polyurethane door joint strip
    • Optional Plinths available to floor mount cabinets
    • Wall mount accessories included
    • Fully welded design, supplied complete, no assembly required
    • Made from cold rolled steel
    • Surface finish: Degreasing, pickling, phosphoric wash, cleaning, and powder coated
    • 2 Year Warranty on cabinet. Subject to use within the static loading specifications, operation within normal environmental conditions and adequate and appropriate mounting installation
    • If installed, 1 Year Warranty on fans

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  • 3. FL@TCORE™ - Made to blend in


    White as snow and flat as a sliced carrot. Filled with two 250μm BendBrightXS fibres and strengthened with galvanised steel wires for excellent roddability. All packed in an easy-to-carry box and metre marked for better usage control. Features that make it quick to install – with style. Too good to be true? Visit your nearest Active branch and see it for yourself …

    • Indoor drop optical fibre cable with steel wire reinforcement and LSOH sheath.
    • 2 x coated galvanised steel wires work as strength members, making the cable easy to push through small spaces during installation.
    • Designed to run from the distribution point to the subscriber, in both home and business premises.
    • Approved for use in the Chorus network.
    • Flame resistant
    • Installing a flat and white cable on your walls has more style than laying the commonly used round and black cable. Its flat and small size of 1.7 mm x 2.9 mm, makes this cable a very attractive option.
    • The cable is metre marked allowing you to size the job right and be sure what’s left in the box.
    • 500 m length packs come in an easy to dispense box using Prysmian “reel in a box” technology.
    • BendBrightXS is the Bend-Insensitive fibre from Prysmian and Draka. BBXS optical fibres are specially manufactured using Draka’s patented EPVC (Enhanced Plasma Vapour Deposition) process and comply with the ITU-T G.657.A2 standard. This market leading technology makes BBXS fibres virtually insensitive to both MICRO and MACRO bending, making them perfect for installation in compact and tight installation areas.
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  • 4. Play the media of both today and tomorrow in a format accessible to any user

    Media Player with Bluetooth Receiver and AM/FM Tuner

    Combining the best of disc, wireless, and solid-state media playback, the Denon Professional DN-300Z is an all-in-one audio player you can count on when the whole room is listening. Ideal for front-of-house, education, music and rehearsal studios, houses of worship, restaurants and more, it has an answer to every request—all consolidated into a compact 1RU design. Extending Denon Professional’s dedication to powerful solutions that are easy-to-use, the DN-300Z plays the media of both today and tomorrow, in formats easily accessible to any user.

    • Super-fast loading, slot-in CD mechanism
    • Supports removable USB thumb and HDDs, SD/SDHC cards
    • Wireless audio playback from devices via BluetoothTM
    • Plays CD, MP3, WAV, and AAC files
    • 3.5mm Aux-in for audio playback of other devices
    • AM/FM Tuner w/ dedicated audio out for multi-room use
    • Unbalanced combi audio output
    • 10-key direct track access
    • Random, repeat, single and continuous play modes
    • Folder only and All play modes
    • IR controllable with included, compact remote
    • 1RU chassis with removable rack ears
    • Detachable IEC-weighted AC inlet
    • 100-220v switching power supply
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  • 5. Access power, data and AV socket outlets in open floor areas

    The Recessed Floor Boxes allow data, electrical and AV outlets to be installed in open areas and offices in positions away from walls and pillars. Outlet plates are available for standard power and data connections as well as for miscellaneous connections such as video and stereo.

    • Recessed Cat6 Floor Box Kit fitted with Standard GPOs and data plates
    • Floor Box Body - 257 x 305 x 98mm deep
    • Optional separate bottom mounted expansion box - 110mm x 250mm x 50mm
    • Robust 4 or 5 service compartment powder coated galvanised steel construction
    • Premium Rigid PVC drop-in lid with 8mm deep infill recess to fit either carpet, tiles or timber inserts
    • Dual cable Entry Access flaps and cable management loops
    • Lid Locking tabs with up to 10mm height adjustment to accommodate floor finishes
    • Esco Omega Series standard GPO and data outlet plates fitted
    • 22/32 dia cable access knockout

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