New Product

October 2016

Are your light switches in inconvenient positions?

Want to add more but don't want to damage walls and ceilings to install them?

Wi-switch is the solution for you!

  • Add 2 way light switches in more convenient positions
  • Add/remove switches at any time
  • Install with no ceiling or wall damage
  • Fast & low cost installation
  • Place anywhere, not just walls
  • For circuits up to 500W
  • Can be installed with any common brand or type of wall switch
  • The compact switching receiver will fit through most down light openings
  • 2 year faulty part warranty

Wi 2 way pack

Kit contains:
  • 2 x programmed paired transmitter modules
  • 1 x switching reciever (500W) max
  • 2 x Panasonic CR2030 batteries
  • Installation instructions

Available now from Active Electrical

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