Pure LED: Horticulture Lighting

Active Electrical Suppliers are proud to help bring you the next big thing in Horticultural lighting!
Pure LED's new LED Horticulture Lighting range is the next step to achieve better crops. With tunable lights this range allows you to maximize your yield while running at an optimal efficiency. Check out the range below, then get in contact with your local Active Electrical Branch to learn more!

Linear LED Greenhouse Lights

Ideal for greenhouse top lighting as the sole light source. The linear design and built-in driver technology makes it flexible enough to fit into a small space in a large greenhouse, where it won’t block the sunlight.

The product is fully waterproof and has a broad spectrum light. Available in 200W, 400W and 500W.

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Horticulture Flowering Lights

The 600W LED Grow Light covers an area of 1.2 sq mts for flowering.
While this light is designed for high-intensity flowering, it can also be used for full cycle grows.

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Greenhouse Interlights

Greenhouse LED Interlight is available in double sided and all sided options.

It provides uniform light for applications such as greenhouse aisles, suspended crops, etc.

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Horticulture LED Tube Lights

Ideal for farming projects where a good level of uniform light is required across a wide area in a short distance.

The horticulture tube is IP66 waterproof and is installed with waterproof end caps. Is an ideal grow light for vertical farms.

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LED Vegetation Lights

While this light is designed for vegetative growth, it can also be used for full cycle grows.

The fixture is comprised of two separate units, each drawing 200 watts. The separate units allow you to adjust the lights up or down, closer or farther apart, depending on the intensity that the grow requires. The passively cooled modules negate the use of active cooling fans to cool the fixture.

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