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HFE - Energy Optimising Soft Start

April 2016
This small but clever soft-start unit for single phase induction motors is a leap forward in gaining energy savings.

It’s perfect for businesses running single phase plant such as refrigeration, ventilation fans, pumps, oven fans, conveyors, compressors and process equipment.
  • Smooth, effortless motor starting
  • Improved equipment life cycle
  • Consistent power savings
  • Optimum energy efficient running
Simple to install with noticeable energy saving as a result.

For equipment that is on always switched on, or has a high duty cycle, then the addition of an HFE-1 will help reduce operational costs by up to 30%.

ERS Energy Recovery System

ERS continually monitors the motor’s power factor to deduce the current of the motor. The system will then make changes to the amount of voltage and current supplied to the motor to reduce the energy consumption. ERS will automatically decide when there are benefits for energy saving when the motor is running at less than full load, matching voltage to mechanical load for optimum efficiency.

Typical HFE -1 Applications:

Induction, cap start/run, split phase motors:
  • Small chillers and refrigeration units
  • Factory machinery
  • Ventilation fans and air flow systems
  • Process equipment
  • Fixed and portable construction equipment
  • Commercial oven fans

Technical Data

Operating Voltage
Operating current
Ingress protection
Ambient operating temperature
Adjustable start ramp time
made in the UK
110 - 230 V AC 50 Hz
Max 10 Amps
IP 20 with standard cover
0 - 400 C
Up to 60 starts/hr
Type “C” MCB’s

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