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August 2016

econnecx™ is a New Zealand developed and supported, affordable smart home and office automation and security system. It has been designed to make homes and offices smarter, more energy efficient, secure, and simpler to use.

Automation has existed in homes and offices for decades in the form of sensors and timeclocks providing basic control of light and some heating appliances. More recently you can now get smart phone apps for some specific appliances.... so a typical modern home could end up with 3 – 4 timers, alarm sensors, light sensors and a couple of phone apps.

An econnecx™ smart home provides one simple solution for your home or office allowing you to customise the environment to suit your lifestyle, or control from anywhere.

With our smart phone app, a typical econnecx™ smart home provides security, heat pump or gas fire control, control of hot water, towel rails, under tile heating, ventilation, outdoor security lighting, night lighting, garage doors, automatic gates, door locks, blinds and windows.

Installation is simple as econnecx uses conventional wiring methods, no training is required to configure however onsite trade support is available for those who want it. We offer design and pricing assistance.

ecconecx™ smart home/office features include:
  • One simple interface for your home/office
  • A system that you can easily manage yourself
  • Remote control via the smart phone app – great for letting in tradesman without giving away keys, or controlling the heat pump/s remotely
  • Notifications for if alarms aren't set or you've forgotten to shut the garage door
  • The ability to add or remove users and control smart phone access
  • Logging of access
  • Scheduling of heating appliances and fittings to increase comfort and reduce power bills
  • Automation of outdoor entry and indoor nights lights – schedule or have them turn on when a garage door is opened, or when a sensor detects movement
  • Panasonic camera integration
  • Blind and window control – can be automated and manually controlled
  • Temperature sensing and logging
  • A simple set and forget solution
  • The ability to schedule loads to maximize solar power
  • Automatic software updates
  • Will connect to other smart devices as they enter the market

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