Active Electrical Suppliers are now the proud New Zealand supplier of Elettrocanali.
Elettrocanali is an Italian manufacturing company established 40years ago producing a range of high quality  electrical products using technical and skilled manpower respecting social and environmental logic.


  • Particularly strong design to grant the right rigidity also on rough or irregular walls
  • thermoresistant halogen free raw material and with self extinguishing (V0 according to the Standard UL94) raw material
  • self-extinguishing ABS with a high resistance to abnormal heat (960°C)
  • integrated hinges for an easy and quick installation (standard sizes from 300mm)
  • the back plates, the din rails and the brass terminal blocks can be mounted very easily thanks to the proper guides
  • a draining hole can be easily made in the box wall
  • soft stepped glands perfectly fitting to the box and easy to cut
  • anti-corrosive steel screws or quick-closing 1/4 turn plastic screws
  • lid with integrated gasket


Plain Self Extinguishing

Transparent lid

High lid - plain

High lid - transparent

Back plates

Polyester boards

  • IP65 protection degree
  • Made of halogen free reinforced fibreglass polyester, self-extinguishing V2 degree to UL94.
  • Double insulation, shock resistance: IK10, 20j, to EN62262
  • Application temperature: minimum -25°C, maximum +60°C
  • Resistance to abnormal heat (GWT) - board with blank door up to 906°C
  • Application voltage 1000V, suitable for photovoltaic plants.
  • Right or left reversible door with stainless steel pins - it can be opened at 180°
  • Plain and smooth headboards for easy opening and conduit inlet
  • Removable frame ready to install slotted trunkings in the back
  • Back plates made up of insulating material can be fixed directly to the board back
  • Possibility to mount 48-75mm high switches or 102mm high switches starting from the board with dimensions 435x505x215
  • One-Screw-System: only one type of screw is used for the different accessories in order to permit a simple and easy assembly
  • Left or right reversible counter door with stainless steel pins, ergonomic handle, triangle lock, adjustable at two different heights with reference grid for the fixing of devices
  • Fixing of the panels through a 1/4 turn screw.


Mounting plates


  • EC625S1: AES
    Mount brackets
    Stainless steel
    Set of 4
  • EC625SC: AES
    Safety lock with handle
    Comes with two keys

Ground pit boxes

  • ECPOZ.25: AES
    4 sided entry options + lid
    250W x 250H
  • ECPOZ.30: AES
    4 sided entry options + lid
    300W x 300H
  • ECPOZ.40: AES
    4 sided entry options + lid
    400W x 400H

Conduit & Accessories

Junction Boxes

Industrial Plugs

Industrial Sockets

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