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The New PDL Iconic Range

Introducing the new PDL iconic range, an all-new electrical accessories range, based on a slim, new design platform that is easy to customise and blends in perfectly with a wide range of environments

Wireless damage-free switch installation with wi-switch

Are your light switches in inconvenient positions?

Want to add more but don't want to damage walls and ceilings to install them?

Wi-switch is the solution for you!

Introducing elettrocanali

Active Electrical Suppliers are now the proud New Zealand supplier of Elettrocanali.
Elettrocanali is an Italian manufacturing company established 40years ago producing a range of high quality electrical products using technical and skilled manpower respecting social and environmental logic.

Schneider Saturn Zen Series - As seen on The Block NZ

Whether you require wall switches, power outlets, data outlets, USB chargers, fan controllers, dimmers or cooker switches — Saturn Zen combines form and function to create a complete switch solution for your home.

Teubel EZMP8-302

Smart metering moves kWh meters indoors.
When no one comes to read the meter, there is no need for outdoor meter boxes.

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