Our competency courses are now closed for the 2017 EWRB Electrical workers practicing license round. That is for electrical workers whose practicing license’s expired 30/06/2017.

Active Electrical Suppliers would like to thank the nearly 1000 electrical practitioners who completed their competency training with us. The course feedback has been extremely complimentary and we are pleased to have been able to support our customers and the electrical industry with our leading edge, contemporary Professional Development courses.

We also thank Schneider Electric and Philips lighting who have been right behind us in the delivery of these courses.

We look forward to providing competency courses through all our branches again in 2018. This will provide the training required for the approximately 6000 electrical workers who have practicing licenses expiring on June 30th 2018.

About the Active Courses

Active Electrical suppliers developed this combined professional development competency programme from industry wanting a comprehensive course at a level which provides both knowledge and skills improvement. In addition to this, our customers wanted a programme that would add tangible business and commercial value to their organisaion in the ongoing training of their people.

Our courses are developed for inspectors, electricians, and electrical service technicians. This course incorporates the requirements for EWRB practicing licence renewal and First-Air & CPR refresher training.

Check out the video here:

Need a EWRB approved competency course to get a practicing licence or to update your EWRB training record?

As part of our ongoing commitment to the training and the electrical industry, we will be providing competency courses at various branch locations when there is suitable demand. Talk to your local branch manager or register interest of these future courses in these locations:

Register your interest in Active Competency Courses

How much does it cost?

The price for our courses is $190 excl. GST
If you want a course that offers higher value through inclusion of professional development and engaging content, this is the course for you.
Our course price includes:
  • 3 hr Interactive competency knowledge programme
  • Half hour practical testing session
  • 24 page course support book
  • Build your own electrical testing process guide with our pre-printed sheets
  • First Aid training
  • Updated training detail with EWRB

Private Courses for large electrical contractors & organisations

In addition to our open courses, we can provide special courses for larger organisations and their work force.

There are significant advantages for companies with large teams to facilitate in-house courses:

  • Managing course costs with a fixed course price
  • Managing staff logistics and work site coverage
  • Team building and interaction
  • Tailoring the course to the employees work to enhance the value
  • Ensuring staff get good training and tangible outcomes from the course

Note: there is a maximum of 20 attendees per session

Your local Active Electrical Suppliers branch manager can work with the company owner or manager to arrange training at a suitable venue and a time that works with the business. If you are interested in organising one of these courses for your company, pre-planning is essential so contact your local branch or email us at technical@goactive.nz so we can get started today

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